Brand Values



Data Safety

We've figured out what's most important. Passwords and encryption are used to protect access to your home and data.


Easy to Install

Our products are easy to set up and use. After unpacking and a brief setup, our devices are ready to use.


Voice Control

Most voice control systems, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, are compatible with Tramsmart.


Energy Monitoring

Keep track of how much energy your household gadgets use. This way, you'll be able to quickly recognize which hardware components are causing your bills to rise.


Remote Control

Monitor your home and check the status of your devices from anywhere at any time. To keep an eye on your house, all you need is an internet connection.


Your Home Always Safety

In the event of an emergency, we will ensure your personal safety. It also helps children, the aged people, and someone with limited mobility in their daily activities.

Key Values

We Have the Courage

At Tramsmart we redefine the concept of Smart Home, creating our own trends without replicating other brands. Innovation is in our DNA, focusing on the needs of the user as the cornerstone of our products.

The result is a stable connected home system, where hardware and software work seamlessly.

Tramsmart App

Tramsmart Ecosystem consists of products which complement one another and create a network of wireless connections that gives household members feeling of control, security and fun.

Tramsmart System meets three basic products line: Smart Lighting, Smart Security, and Smart Electronic devices.

Innovative Design

Thinking with the Smart Home idea, we develop a network of connected devices that allow everyone to manage the house space with a single button, gesture, or word.

We have innovative and functional design of our visionary devices. Our customers can flexibly connect and program our products and individually create intelligent automation functions to suit their everyday needs.



Tramsmart improves people's lives all over the world by providing a comfortable, friendly, and secure home environment. We have smart and complementary solutions that delight our clients thanks to the ambition and innovation of our products.



We aspire to be the world's leading supplier of building automation systems. We worked hard to ensure that the Tramsmart home is the best option in every way.



The end-user has all our products in the palm of his hand, where they can share each device with the family or friends.
Our application is presented as Skill in the two most important voice control applications: the Alexa and the Google Assistant App.

Everything flows perfectly in our application since the software is created from the hardware.
Find our App in Google Play and App Store.